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St. Francis was born in the town of Assisi, Italy around the year 1182...


Eight centuries ago in the Italian town of Assisi, a young man named Francis had an experience that rebuilding collapsing San Damiano church was the beginning of ...


The name of 'mendicant friars' was given to several groups of 'begging friars' whose origins in Europe date to the 13th and 14th centuries.


In order to effectively proclaim Christ and his teaching to people of twenty first century we propose modern means of mass communication through image..

wesingire Maria

The Militia Immaculata, is a worldwide Catholic evangelization movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe.The MI, as it is also known, is open to all Catholics and encourages intercession to the Virgin Mary for the conversion of sinners... (read article in luganda language)

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Mission Friaries

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Kakooge: The first mission of Greyfriars in Uganda. Located in Luweero diocese, Nakasongola district. Read More

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Matugga: Located in Kampala Archdiocese. Friars took over the mission in 2010. Read More

about uganda

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Number of Kingdoms in Uganda

The colonial boundaries created by Britain to delimit Uganda grouped together a wide range of ethnic groups with different political systems and cultures.

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current projects

Munyonyo Martyrs' Shrine

Revival and development of forgotten martyrs shrine in Kampala, martyrdom spot of St. Andrew Kaggwa, St. Denis Ssebugwawo, St.Pontiano Ngondwe (at Kyamula-Taka Junge) and anglican Mukasa Musa

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Provincial Visitation Provincial Visit
On 13-18 January. we had the opportunity to host in Uganda under the canonical visit of the Provincial Fr Jaroslaw Zachariasz together with provincial treasurer, Father Bronislaw Staworowski. A short, five-day visit was an opportunity for fraternal meetings and evaluations of our current ministry and franciscan life in Matugga and Kakooge.read more
General Visitation Canonical Visit
From the 21st to 26th November has taken place the General Canonical Visitation of the Mission of Uganda, which belongs to the Province of Krakow/PL. This Mission has been initiated in the year 2000 and at present there are 6 friars-priests /Polish and 3 Postulants /Ugandans. Both communities of the Mission - Kakooge, from 2001 and Matugga. from 2010 - have developed the following activities: parochial, educational (various schools) and caritative. The caritative one is expressed through offering help to the poor children (adoption at a distance), to the sick (medical clinic) and human promotion (various projects to upgrade people's standard of living)....read more
Kampala Kampala meeting
An important meeting of the Formators of the AFCOF Federation was held in Kampala, Uganda from July 20-25, 2010.

The Order opened the mission in Uganda in 2000, thanks to the Polish Province of Krakow; shortly after, a second community was opened at Matugga in the Archdiocese of Kampala. The first Friary was established in Kakooge, in the Diocese of Kasaana-Luweero. The Mission has 6 Friars and 4 postulants.

Taking part in the meeting were: the Assistant General for AFCOF, Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, the Vice General Secretary for Formation, Friar Roberto Brandinelli, the President of the AFCOF Federation...read more
Rivotorto Rivitorto

From May 31 through June 20, 2010, nine of our young African Friars took part in a continuing formation course of the Order organized at Rivotorto, Assisi.

This extended stay at Assisi, where the Franciscan Charism was born, is intended for Friars in their fifth year of religious profession, for Religious Brothers, or Priestly Ordination.

The principal goal of this experience is to provide the new generations of our Order with the spirit and history of Franciscanism.

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Rivotorto Nairobi 2010
A meeting to establish a common “financial approach” was held for the entire area of AFCOF from May 1-3, 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya. It was similar to the meeting held at Nairobi in 2006.
Participants: from the General Curia, Friar Giorgio Silvestri, General Treasurer, and Friar Tadeusz Świątkowski, Assistant General for AFCOF; the Major Superiors, Friar Patrick Chisanga, Minister Provincial of Zambia; the Provincial Custodes, Friar Bortolino Maistrello from Ghana, and Friar Tadeusz Brzozowski from Kenya; delegates of the Ministers/Custodes Provinical, Friar Dariusz Szymborski, from Tanzania, and Friar Bogusław Dąbrowski, from Uganda; and the treasurers: Friar Matthew Mumba, Zambia, Friar Martino Corazzin, Ghana, Friar Kazimierz Szulc, Kenya, Friar Dariusz Szymborski, Tanzania, and Friar Bogusław Dąbrowski, Uganda.

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Francis of Assisi:

"It is not fitting, when one is in God's service, to have a gloomy face or a chilling look."